Cage and The Meat Man

Charleston Lessons

((Gah, do I love this dance so much omg))

Haimyth smiles warmly, but remembers of the sinister effect the scar has given to it and reduces it to a brief flash of welcoming. He did not want to come off as something unnerving as most first impressions have done in the past. The last thing he needed was yet another name similar to that of “demon” should one exist in her language.

He clears his throat and places his feet firmly on the ground, indicating with a wave of his hand for Native to watch them.

"It’s simple really," He begins. "I quick one-two back and forth, but with a little bounce in the step. Like you are walking with a bit of a limp with each leg." Haimyth demonstrates by taking two steps forward before reversing and standing on his original spot. 

"Put some jazz in your hands," He continues, repeating the steps with a few shakes hands as he swings his arms back and forth. "And you have the first half of the dance working for you." He gives another flash of a smile as he looks up at Ziio, curious to how the Native will respond to the dance, if at all. She seems a stern dame, though it takes a bit of time to truly know one’s character.

Some just happen to be more tolerable, Haimyth thinks to himself with a scoff as Macajah comes to mind.